The thought has probably crossed the mind of almost every educator, “Maybe I should go get my administration degree.” Maybe it comes from frustration with current administration or out of pure admiration – either way, it’s a thought that I think most teachers have thought about a time or two.

I found this Virtual School website awhile back, over the summer actually while I was at Alan November’s Building Learning Communities Conference 2007.

Basically, in this Virtual School environment, you choose to be the administrator and you run the school. You are assessed on your ability to maintain positive morale and behavior, and your ability to improve the situation. You are faced with scenarios and you have to chose the option you think will work best – of course the morale and behavior of the students and staff are affected by your choices!

Maybe more simulations such as this will be developed soon to give us all a taste of other jobs – possibly building empathy for others and their situations…

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