I meant to post this earlier, but things were super busy this week.

Anyway, last weekend I was able to participate in a tremendous opportunity – sailing aboard the Spirit of South Carolina. The Spirit of South Carolina is basically a “floating classroom” where students in the Palmetto State have the opportunity to learn about the maritime history of South Carolina.

My sailing adventure consisted of doing experiments within the CharlestonHarbor. We measured the salinity, both surface and at 6m, as well as other tests. We learned how to navigate within the harbor using parallel rulers, compasses, etc. We even tied some knots.

The ship can hold 35 students and the program we experienced was only a sampling of the activities that can be done aboard. This fall the program will be ready for 5th and 6th grade students. South Carolina’s ETV is a major partner and is developing an interactive web site through KnowItAll.org called, Pirates, Plankton, and Pelicans.

It will cost roughly $1,000.00 – meals, transportation, and lodging not included. It is the most expensive field trip in the State of South Carolina; however, the lessons learned could be worth the cost.