I presented at the South Carolina ETV (Education Television) Summer Technology Workshops today, August 2.

Cathy Arnold and I were planning on presenting a “more improved” version of the Cool Collaborations presentation we created for the Upstate Technology Conference. However, Cathy “double-booked” vacation (World’s Longest Yardsale) with today’s presentation, so I ran solo. We’ll see if this presentation gets picked up by EdTech in the fall…

Anyway, Cool Collaborations is all about the exciting world of Web 2.0 and its collaborative capabilities. Researching the “best of the best” tools on the web were a trip – some of the tools blew me away.

You have to wonder at times, “What can’t Google do?”

Pageflakes was by far the highlight of the day for most. I talked about it last because it really ties in a lot of the other material we covered. Ah, thank you Chris Craft and Will Richardsonfor sharing with us all about the wonderful world of Pageflakes.

Anyway, my dream and goal for this 2007-2008 school year is to see some integration and collaboration utilizing some of these great tools in the classroom.

Anyone have any great collaborative online tools they want to share?

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