BLC07 was amazing.

Alan November’s November Learning Group knows how to put on a conference.

This conference was deep.

Every break-out session was a keynote.

Participants were challenged to critically think about themselves and their beliefs regarding educational technology.

BLC definitely has “it.”

I’m not sure where else you can go and share experiences with people from around the world who all have different roles, but are all working towards a common goal – educating the students of the 21st century while working to change the current educational model.

This conference is a “must-attend” for anyone who is involved in, and believes in,¬†educational technology – technology directors, curriculum specialists, administrators, and especially educators.

The most wonderful part of BLC is the small community. It’s not NECCwith 15,000 participants. There were around 600 participants at BLC 07, a great opportunity to network, share, and “Build Learning Communities.”

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