Marc Prensky
The Death of the Classroom and the Rebirth of Learning in the 21st Century: How Technology Changes the Meaning of Teaching

What can we do when we go back in September, but also think about 2-5 years ahead… Prensky likes to look at 5-10 years ahead

“School” vs. “After School” – school is traditional, while after school is giving students opportunities to learn outside of the traditional classroom… can we compete?

Schools used to open up the world to the students and show them the light… but kids today grow up in the light and already know about the world

The Innovator’s DilemmaClay Christensen – Have you read it?

Students are already in the 21st century, social websites know more about the interests of the students than we do as teachers

Students today are not “little us’s”… we train our pre-service teachers to teach students they will never see

In the 21st Century, “Community” is the World… our students want this community

Don’t try to engage today’s students, engage with them – kids have to want to learn it, they have to see its worth, they need to be involved

Can teachers teach with no busy work or worksheets? Is technology the answer to engagement? Until we move from old teaching practices, technology will be a hinderance

Technology tools come too quickly to master, therefore teachers need to use tools they are unfamiliar with – there is not time to master anything anymore – the role of the teacher should be to help students evaluate the quality of the work

Understand what the new technologies do, know where they will work best, don’t try to master them all

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