Dr. Mitchel ResnickDirector, Lifelong Kindergarten 
Follow-up to Keynote – Tools for Creative Thinking
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Media Lab


Scratch – imagine, program, and share
 – Scratch allows users to imagine content, program the content to be interactive, and then post the content back to the Scratch website for the ability to collaborate with others
 – Recommended for ages 8+
 – Work in progress, questions asked regarding the posting of inappropriate content, there is no review process, however, things can be “flagged as inappropriate” and removed
     – What is “inappropriate?”
          – Keyword tags have been blocked already
 – Scratch has its own file type, but they can be embedded into your blog, wiki, or website – easiest to post it at Scratch and then link to… embedding instructions in the FAQs
 – Do you teach the students how to use Scratch, or do you just let them learn it on their own???
     – Balanced approach is recommended, the whole project has been created based on “imagination”

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