Bette Manchester and Barbara Greenstone
Leadership and Sustainabilty: The Maine Journey

Visionary leadership directed the laptop initiative in Maine, Former Governor Angus King

Public Service with a Moral Purpose
 – Equity of Resources for Students and Staff
 – Increase Student and Educator Learning
 – Increase Collaboration among Students and Educators
 – Project-based Learning

The Maine Learns Project was the first time that resources were distributed equitabily distributed across the state, these resources are currently on a five-year “refresh” cycle

This project is connected via a statewide network available in the schools, libraries, etc

Maine Learns was not about increasing test scores or the amount of technology in the classroom, but rather on teaching and learning

Maine Learns has increased collaboration statewide between educators and students

Research based websites to come

Commitment to Changing Context at All Levels
 – Systemic Change – Preparing Leadership Teams – Principal, Teacher Leaders, Media Specialists, Technology Facilitator
     – Teacher Leaders help keep the project focused
     – The project needs to be lead by the school, not the technology people
 – Purpose Setting
 – Learner Centered
 – Universal Design
 – Professional Learning Community
 – Culture of Risk Taking

Lateral Capacity Building Through Networks
 – Communication
 – Learning Communities – withing districts, regions, state
     – Professional Development opportunities held during the school day and then connected via the network
 – Virtual Networks
 – Principal, Teacher Leaders, Media Specialists, Technology Facilitators
 – Student Technology Teams

Intelligent Accountability and Vertical Relationships
 – Assessment of Learning
 – Assessment for Learning
 – Evidence of Learning
 – Content – Digital Media Group (Public Broadcasting, Museums, Historical Societies, etc all provide resources for classroom use and are readily available nationwide), MISTM, Ecoscience

How are the students doing with achievement while in the project?
 – Website coming

Deep Learning at All Levels
 – Create Feedback Loops at All Levels
 – Deprivatize Classroom/School Practice
 – ZPD – Zone of Proximal Development (Vgotsky)
 – Critical Friends Group – examining student work
 – Inquiry-based Learning

Professional Development
 – Diverse group of learners in every group – utilize your peers
 – “How are you going to reach your school’s goals” is the focus of PD versus software/hardware training

The university system is not preparing pre-service teachers to work in the digital classroom – more experienced teachers are often strong in content but weak in technology while less experienced teachers are strong in “personal use of technology” but weak on content

Dual Commitment to Short and Long Term Results
 – Clarify Goals – it is about instructional and learning
 – 3 Lenses – CCT
 – PLC/Action Research
 – Monday and Someday Papers – What do we want to develop and where do we want to go, but what do we need to get through Monday?

Cyclical Energizing
 – Work should be “Hard Fun”
 – Pay Attention to Energy Levels
 – Implementation Dip
 – Celebrate Accomplishments
     – Start with what works in school and go from there

The Long Lever of Leadership
 – Expectations for All
 – 1:1 Maximizes Student Learning
 – Teacher Leadership – “Green-eyed Monster
 – Professional Development – Sustained and Imbedded
 – Leadership is Everything

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