Ewan McIntosh
Why Scotland has been blogging for 5 million years
New Technologies Research Practicioner for Learning and Teaching Scotland
edu.blogs.com and LTScotland.org.uk

Blogging enables educators to share what they are doing…

Why? Why the blog?
     – Something has changed, therefore something has to change
     – Cup stacking clips from YouTube

Students can blog their writing, by doing so they open their writing up to a more global collaborative effort –  multiple teachers for one student
     – Yes, maybe some of the comments may be inappropriate – that’s the power of moderation
     – But think of the possibilities of people commenting on students writing giving them pointers and recommendations to improve their writing
          – Encourage comments to include the elementary thinking of “two likes and one wish”
               – “I really liked your use of figurative language and your use of similes, perhaps you could work on your capitalization.”

Sandaig Primary in Scotland blogs and podcasts student created content
     – Radio Sandaig

Flickr can be used to upload images for discussion
     – Students can post questions about the image, and Flickr users can comment below answering the students’ questions
     – The collaboration involved is tremendous

Consolarium is Learning and Teaching Scotland’s effort to focus on the use of gaming in the classroom
     – How can gaming on the iPod, PSP, etc. be used in the classroom?

Final thought, “don’t think, try” – John Hunter

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