Alan November
Building Learning Communities 2007

Who does it?
What does it mean?

Table Discussion
The Wiki
What is the deal with Wikis?
How on Earth can they be used in the Classroom?
Google Docs versus the Wiki

Wikis, Blogs, Etc. in the Classroom for Assessment
Shift of control for the students
Students learn critically, or are they? (Alan says we have lost critical thinking)
Technologies can pool ideas and provide multiple perspectives
Opening the world to the students
Allow students to be teachers
24/7 – asynchronous
Authentic audience
Students experience success
Relationship between school and family – role of family needs to be restored

Pattern Analysis versus Reading Word-for-Word
Architecture of Searching on the Web
Including “host:” in the search column focuses searching
“host:gov” means search government only
Ditch Google… use AltaVista

“We have people teaching technology but don’t know that they don’t know they are doing it wrong.” – Alan November

Step 1: I must understand the structure of information.
Step 2: I need to find different versions of the truth.
Step 3: I need to find, engage real people and build relationships with them worldwide.
Step 4: What’s the assignment? Create a worthwhile assignment.
Step 5: Students will review their own created material. (podcasts, blogs, wikis)

Punish model of assessment in the United States – you get all the points when you start and you lose from there…

Redesigning culture for the purpose of teaching and learning – randomly generated test questions, similar to MAP, gives students the opportunity to not only take different versions of the assessment but also gives them the opportunities to empower student learning.

The Barack Obama website and the capabilities for the classroom. How could you use the model of this Presidential hopeful in the classroom?

Obama Site w/ Ideas

Students cell phones being delivered voice-mails or text messages on their phones?

Going from one (1) class blog to 34 blogs – group feed pulls in all the feeds into the class blog – How do we get the group feed?

Delivering content versus building community and building a capacity for learning is a major theme that needs to be addressed in school systems…