Dr. Tim Tyson, Principal
Moving from Personal Knowledge to Global Contribution
Mabry Middle School, Atlanta, Georgia

Dr. Tyson is leaving Mabry to begin working as an independent consultant, empowering the schools and districts he comes into contact with.

The challenge for today is to “shake” dust off the current perspectives.

Daniel H. Pink, author of A Whole New Mind, Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future – have you read it?
– Schools prepare students for the work world today, and not the future…
– Project-based learning is not being taught in schools today…

Who is doing all of the thinking work in the classrooms?

School 2.0
– Authentic Engaged Learners
– Self-directed Learning
– Project-driven Instruction
– Independent Problem Solvers
– Empowered by Technology Innovation
– Collaborative Learning Communication
– Relevant

Exemplary work goes into “Global Distribution” at Mabry Middle School
– “What do you have to say that is so meaningful and important that it should be shared with the world?” is the challenge given to students on the second day of school at Mabry
– Authentic Assessment
     – Projects on Stem Cell Research, Children’s Slave Labor, Captivity of Elephants, Commercialization of Water, etc.
     – All examples of student chosen projects

When does meaningfulness start?
– In the “World According to Dr. Tim Tyson,” it starts now…

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– Critical thinking projects in 2 minutes

Tim’s challenge to the participants of BLC07… what’s your next logical step?